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  1. COVID-19

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    2020, being the difficult year due to the massive spread of coronavirus and the changes caused by it throughout the world. UAE is also a country that adversely affected by the virus with the flow of people in search of livelihood. Eventhough, the UAE model of anti-covid struggle the virus held under the administration and the health department were highly effective. During this time, the demeanour of UAE was to give confidence to people for resisting the epidemic. The fear of being away from native land, family and the heavy loss of income have created tension among the people like any other corner of the world. KMCC became the featherbed of deliberation during this time of covid crisis and in the time of grievance. Abudhabi KMCC get realized to give confidential guard to malayali expatriates in this situation too.

    Remarkable activities on Covid time
    During this period, 60050 cooked food kits, 3050 kits containing various items and covid precautionary health kits were distributed, including self produced sanitizer.

    22Charted Flights
    At a time when the journey to home was very difficult, 22 planes were chartered to help the expatriate malayalees. With the help of various factors and goodwill, a plane (calicut) was completely free and the passengers were repatriated. In addition to this hundreds of free and equally part-time helpers were recruited. The chart of three services from homeland to Abudhabi has brought relief to many.

    Fighters Against Covid
    KMCC special volunteers are fighting against covid with the help of Abudhabi health department and the police. KMCC personnel have been serving in the residential screening process, including labo, r camps since last ramadan.


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    We are passing through a period of controversies.Knowledge of bygone days will sure to reinforce our discussions and dialogues. A study of rich and vast Indian history is essential to find answers for a lot of present confusions and a deep analysis of contemporary portfolios.

    This is what we aim through ” TOPICA”

    ..another intervention of KMCC ABUDHABI towards the political educational scenario.

    • Depth and perfection of a professional course
    • Classes with the assistance of modern amenities and equipments
    • Supervision by known activist and motivation trainer Sharif Sugar
    • Study materials and notes provided
    • Reference library
    • Activities and schedules for personality development
    • Individual as well as group assignments and projects
    • Group discussions, revisions, and brain storming sessions

    This is an unconventional course,
    offering scientific, systematic and theoretical education to enhance confidence for working in the Indian Muslim League as a cadre.
    An opportunity to revive and correct our perceptions.

    Classes starts from 22/6/2019 for the registered inmates.


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    KMCC Care, another wing of this great association has created wonders in the field of charity. This wing was formed in 2015 with the aim of helping its members in their bad days, though we pray nothing may happen to them.

    At present KMCC Care gives Rs. 1 lakh to those who suffer from organ damages and 1.5 lakh to those who are bed ridden. Rs.1 Lakh is also given to cancer, open surgery and kidney patients. Up on death of a member, KMCC Care gives Rs. 4 lakhs to their nominees. From 2019 onwards, the wives of members are also eligible for an assistance of Rs 50000/- in case of disease or accident. Rs. 100000/- is given to a member up on the death of his wife.


    Leave a Comment Abu Dhabi KMCC’s KGS, or Kerala Gulf Soccer, is a renowned soccer fair. Thousands of football lovers flocked to Abu Dhabi Zayed Stadium to witness the tournament, which began in 2016, two seasons later.

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    Among the expatriates there are many Malayalis who have a natural disposition. ‘Kalotsav’ is a surgical fair organized by the Abu Dhabi KMCC to inspire talent among them when opportunities are lost. KMCC launched the competition last year with over 300 talented talent.


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    Keralites are forgetting about the floods that claimed the lives of more than 400 people in August 2018.

    Due to the damming of the dam management, Kerala is facing the worst of times. But the fraternity and service readiness we showed at that time made history. All that aside, the entire organization of KMCC and other organizations were embarking on a mobilization drive

    Malayalees all over the world called out that they were not alone.

    Let us not forget that flood.


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    ‘Baithurahma’ or ‘Karunya Bhavan’ is a vocabulary that has been firmly established in the minds of the Kerala community. ‘Baithurahma’ takes over every element of the organization.


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    C. H. Muhammad Koya , was a philanthropist in the history of Kerala. CH Center is a service center in various hospitals across the state in memory of CH. This is one area where KMCC is the main focus. Calicut Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram The centers are active at various district and regional levels.