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About Us

Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre ( KMCC) is a supportive organ of Indian Union Muslim League. IUML as we know works to  achieve the upliftment as well as protection of the  rights of the minorities of India.

KMCC is a strong organization of expatriate malyalees, highly recognized mainly for it's charity, cultural, educative activities world all over.Constructing homes for the homeless, providing medical aids, undertaking marriage of poor girls, education support to efficient and eligible students makes KMCCs day to day affair. It also actively interact in literature, art, sports, and cultural activities of malayalees abroad. KMCC is strongly rooted mainly in Middle East countries. It's an absolute fact that gulf countries have acted as a catalyst in the development of our state and it's our duty to celebrate these nation's festivals as well as obeying their rules and beliefs. KMCC is taking initiative in making it's members aware of all these.It has proved itself a dependable organization over years of esteemed work. KMCC Abudhabi has been dynamically working for the last tremendous fifty years is popular among Indians especially Malayalees. But we strongly believe that we have to go a long way still. Dedicating a few minutes time for those who deserve assistance is self realization which can hardly be expressed in words..